- 10 Great Uses for Paracord

Without a doubt, one of the unsung heroes of the DIY handyman’s arsenal is paracord. 550 paracord, to be exact. This versatile material has so many uses it’s tough to count them all. Here are just ten quick ways to use it effectively.

1. Securing Anything

The best thing about paracord is its ability to tie town a multitude of cargoes. Use 550 paracord as needed to keep tarps in place over the beds of pickups and log piles in the clutch.

2. A Great Pulley System

550 paracord is a great way to lift anything. If you need to do some serious work without the benefit of helping hand, paracord is the way to go. Paracord has the right tensile strength to achieve any goal with pulley systems.

3. Tow Rope in a Pinch

Generally speaking, paracord can’t yank an F-150 out of the mud. However, it can be used to pull a smaller conveyance from a bad situation. Just link it up and pull with a 4×4.

4. A DIY Drying System

Popping up some 550 cord between a few trees is the best way to create a DIY drying system for laundry. It’s incredibly quick, simple and effective when all is said and done.

5. Strapping Down Windows

Storm windows are great but they don’t solve every problem. A better way to keep debris from harming glass is to strap down shutters with a little paracord and wrap up exterior fixtures as well.

6. The Best Dry Line Ever

Whether you’re camping or fake roughing it at home, paracord is a great way to dry things out. From fish to anything you’ve accidentally gotten wet, paracord is the way to go.

7. A Good Substitute for “Real” Tethers

Between keeping boats from drifting away to dogs straying, it’s always tough to tether things in the real world. 550 paracord makes the job about as easy can be with little hassle.

8. Fishing Line in a Pinch

Out in the wild, paracord comes in real handy. You can undo the individual strands and craft your own high-quality fishing line in a hurry. It’s the ultimate survival tip in backwoods environments.

9. A Good Grip When Necessary

The best thing about paracord is that it provides a great tactile feel. You can quickly and easily replace things like handles on knifes or axes by wrapping it around the shaft.

10. A Great Way to Tote Goods

Last but not least, 550 paracord can be used to bundle up everything from soccer balls to household furniture. It’s one of the ultimate moving toolsutside of duct tape when used properly.

…More Where That Came From

Some would argue that paracord or 550 cord is pretty much the most versatile substance known to man outside of WD-40 and duct tape. As such, having plenty around is hardly a bad idea for both the outdoorsman and the home handyman alike.