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  • - 10 Great Uses for Paracord

    10 Great Things You Can Do with Paracord

    Without a doubt, one of the unsung heroes of the DIY handyman's arsenal is paracord. 550 paracord, to be exact. This versatile material has so many uses it's tough to count them all. Here are just ten quick ways to use it effectively.
  • - Paracord for the Outdoors

    5 Paracord Uses for the Great Outdoors

    One Practical, All-Purpose Rope 550 paracord is one tool that is always good to keep handy – part of the reason it is a must-have item for hikers and campers. From home projects to the great outdoors, this type of line,
  • - What is 550 Cord

    What is Paracord or “550 Cord”

    As you’ll probably read on many places, the term paracord comes from the cord originally used on the Soldiers’ parachutes in WWII. The term 550 simply means that it has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds, giving it the